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Do you dream in code?

In color?

In binary?

You may have a future with us.

If what you desire is to work in a place that eliminates restrictions to creativity, moves outside not just the box but the building, and has established a reputation on being different through simplicity and innovation, this could be the place for you.

Desk Culture?

Do you like sitting at a desk and shuffling paper all day?

You may want to work elsewhere. We don't do that.

Take your laptop, find a cup of tea, do your work.



Meet our deadlines and we'll be impressed.

Beat them and we'll be amazed.

What does it take?

So what would you need to work with us at Daybright?

Let's start with what you won't need. Although if you have it, that doesn't mean you can't work for us. It's just not the requirement.

- years of development experience

- a degree in design, engineering, or computer science

- expertise in a software language

- algorithm knowledge and a deep understanding of the history of computers

- a desire to work in a cube (cubes are optional but we don't provide them)

What will you need?

- a creative mind

- a willingness to learn

- a desire to work in a place with its own short list of rules and a general abandon for convention in the technology industry

- at least some university-level education (while not necessarily in a related discipline, it's a good start to showing us that you have a willingness to learn something if you have done a few years of a degree so far and haven't given up)

- a love of pretty things and simplicity (as this is the goal of all of our projects)

- an ability to talk to people (working with people is great but what we really want is someone who can work alone but actually have a meaningful conversation in the downtime between work sessions as that means you're not going to burn out from sitting in front of a screen all day without human contact; it also helps you to talk to us and we're friendly people who are here to help you improve your skills who can't do anything if you don't communicate well)

- a genuine sense that you are something special (if you don't think you are, you're going to have a terrible time trying to convince us you're worth hiring, don't you think?)

Apply to Daybright

We won't make you jump through forms and hoops and information that must fit in a predetermined box. We already told you. No boxes. What we want is simple, specific, and easy.

Don't send us a cover letter. Don't send us a resume, a cv, or a list of your educational awards. Write us a single page of your achievements. What have you done that you are proud of in your life; what are your goals; what are you like? Tell us about yourself, your life, your goals, your dreams, and what you want to get from a career with Daybright. You can send us some samples if you like but that's really not necessary. Show us that you are creative, have drive, have energy, and have the willingness to give us the time it takes to write a single page and email it to us.

And then send it to us. Today. By email. I know I said simple but it's a bit of work.

Think it's not worth it? No problem. But that's the first step in our hiring process.

Think it is and that you might be in our next hiring group?

Be creative. Be different. Be you.